A spiritual being, thrown into the material reality, inevitably becomes traumatized – mutilated.  Similarly to how in China they used to bind little girls’ feet, to conform to the notion that the feet of a fashionably attractive woman must be small (rendering an adult Chinese “beauty queen” practically a disabled woman), or how in Burma, the women of Kayan tribe even in our days still wear brass coils to elongate their necks (the practice that ruins their spines, and distorts the ribcages and collar bones) – so the soul in the material world becomes twisted and suppressed, whether by social environment, genetics, various forms of psychological or psychiatric deviations, and so on – in addition to sloth (material body’s inherent urge for comfort and passiveness).

People come of age in the state of fully formed insanity – and will remain in that state through the rest of their lives. God gives us all we need for happiness – but precisely because of all the traumas and “bends” of the soul, because of the “false notions” or “engrams” that a human being can’t overcome, unless by investing a very significant, fully committed effort in it – or, metaphorically, because of “a pack of wolves” that relentlessly pursues every one of us, or, to see it for what it really is, because of the attacks of the devil who wants our soul – we become incapable of ever setting foot on the path of our true destiny.

One must dedicate one’s life to removal of all deviations and inner problems imposed by the material world – we must actively, fiercely fight to escape the bites of the wolves that chase after us. We must incinerate our former lazy and decadent personality, and then build the new, beautiful true character. If we succeed in this effort, we’ll be able to discover the true path God designed for us – and that is the path of happiness.

That’s why, as soon as Elizabeth has realized that her marriage has been a result of her not being true to herself, God annuls the marriage, and as soon as Gösta Berling has reformed, he finds himself in the divine situation of meeting the perfect woman he was meant to be with, whom he can recognize as such for the first time, and who, thanks to God’s Providence, can now recognize him – with the help of Major’s Wife, who, having overcome some of her own inner obstacles, also presents herself in the right place, at the right time.

Dimitri Vorontzov